Deposit Instructions for Investments

Clients can remit their retail and retirement account contributions directly to their investment custodian:


To Set Up Banking Instructions on Your Fidelity Advisor Account:

Click here to Register With Fidelity Advisor

Once your account is set up, navigate to Bank Information under Account Settings to add your banking instructions by clicking Add New Bank.

Note: Once you submit your banking information, Fidelity requires a 10-day prenote period before you can begin using the banking instructions.

Click here for step-by-step instructions.


For Mobile Deposits:

To Set Up Mobile Deposit for Investments held at Pershing/Cetera Brokerage, please follow this link for instructions:


For Check Deposits:

Please make your check directly payable to your custodian (fund company or brokerage holding your account) and list your account number in the memo area of your check. If the investment is for your IRA, be sure to notate the tax year your contribution is for. We recommend sending your check with a tracking number via overnight courier of your choice. Please call us at (518) 399-3372 with any questions.


Mailing Addresses for Check Investments/Contributions:

  • Pershing LLC (retail accounts)

Attn: 382121

500 Ross Street 154-0455

Pittsburgh, PA 15262-0001


  • Pershing LLC (retirement accounts)

Transfers Processing

Attn: 382091

500 Ross Street 154-0455

Pittsburgh, PA 15262-0001


  • Fidelity Investments

100 Crosby Parkway, KC1G

Covington, KY 41015


  • American Funds Service Company

5300 Robin Hood Rd

Norfolk, VA 23513-2430